Mom Breastfeeding In Costco Fires Back At Haters

People will argue about almost anything but one thing that really brings out the arguments is breast-feeding in public. Many people will do it and it is legal to do so, but there are others who feel that it does not show the right amount of modesty.

Sometimes, people will take this argument to the extent that they will do it in public just to get attention. That may have been the case for one woman who decided to breast-feed her child in line at Costco and she posted a picture of it on Instagram.

I don’t think anybody would argue the importance of breastfeeding, as it helps to form a bond between the mother and baby and it builds up their immune system. There are some, however, who feel that it is better done in private or at the very least, that the mother, for herself for modesty’s sake.

Then again, we have the Instagram username Trinati, who has some 7000 followers. In 2017, she posted a picture of herself breastfeeding her daughter in line at Costco. She said in her post that no matter where you are, she would never shy away from providing for her children.

Her son was asked to take the picture because, in her words, “I never want to forget (show my daughter in the future) the lengths we, as mothers, will go to when ensuring our kids are well looked after no matter the situation.

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