My 600lb Life star shows off epic weight loss after being crowned World’s Heaviest ­Woman

Pauline Potter, a former star on “My 600lb Life,” has amazed fans with her incredible transformation. Initially resistant to a 1,200-calorie diet, Pauline faced challenges on her weight loss journey. However, with Dr. Now’s help, she overcame obstacles and qualified for skin removal surgery. Today, Pauline has shed over 520 pounds and is leading a healthier life in California.

In October, Dr. Now showcased Pauline’s progress with a jaw-dropping before-and-after photo on Instagram. He emphasized the importance of commitment in reaching weight loss goals, emphasizing that weight loss surgery is a tool, not a quick fix. Fans flooded the comments section with praise for Pauline’s transformation.

Pauline’s journey continues to inspire. Dr. Now, praising her commitment, said, “The results are inspiring when you commit to making the life changes necessary to become a candidate for surgery & to lose excess fat.”

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