Mother Blasted Online After Sharing Photo Of Her Newborn’s Hands

A photograph of a newborn with surprisingly long and pointed nails has stirred concern online, sparking discussions about the potential dangers of such “claws.”

Shared on Facebook, the image quickly gained attention as social media users expressed worry about the sharp nails on the baby’s tiny fingers. The picture, which has now gone viral on Twitter, displays a woman’s thumb holding the infant’s hand, revealing meticulously crafted fake nails.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia
Photo Credit: Wikimedia

The woman captioned the image with a boastful message: ‘I can do your babies nails…cheap rates.’

Critics of the photo were swift to point out the potential risks of the infant’s adorned nails. One person commented, ‘Baby nails are sharp enough as is, I can’t imagine equipping my daughter with claws. Hard pass.’

The pictures depict the baby wearing false nails in various styles, with pointed, talon-like nails in one image and more rounded edges in another. The designs showcased the stiletto shape, a square, and an oval edge.

Photo Credit: Nelliamo Maphanga - Koeberger/Facebook

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