8 body symptoms you should be aware of

Yellow appears on the skin.

Yellowing of the skin caused by jaundice can be a sign of liver disease. Our bodies are unable to get rid of bilirubin due to high amounts. The result is that the skin and the whites of the eyes are yellow.

If you’ve ever had white spots on your nails, it may have happened accidentally. If not, it could be a sign of protein, calcium or zinc deficiency.

Blisters or cracks may develop as a result of dehydration. But, you could be using the wrong lipstick.

Tight nails can also be a sign of digestive problems, in addition to chronic lung diseases. If left untreated, the nails grow and bend downwards.

Oral ulcers can develop as a result of mental stress or hormonal changes. You should take vitamin B-12 if you are deficient because it can also cause ulcers.

Styes are the white bumps that appear on your eyelids. They can develop around your eyelashes if you have dry skin or diabetes.

Arcus senilis, or fatty deposits, are the gray or white ring that surrounds your cornea. While it is common in the elderly due to their advanced age, its presence in your eyes can mean excessive cholesterol levels.

An infection or vitamin deficiency can be indicated by a bright red tongue. The color of the tongue can also change due to oral herpes.

Have any of these things happened to you? Please comment about your experience with the treatment.

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