A magical day at Disney resort

The little girl surprised her father when she asked the pianist sitting on the street to play, and her father had to sing the “Ave Maria” song. When dad sang, people even came out of the shops on the street to listen to his performance. Shocking performance. Watch it by following the link in the first comment.

Theme parks are the magical place for kids. Kids enjoy taking ride or amusing themselves with their favourite movie or cartoon characters. These ‘magical places’ are mostly visited by kids, but adults are no exception at all. Adults also enjoy the theme parks and they love having some fun.

This was particularly true for Dan and his daughter. One day, the normal walk around the theme park turned out to be quite memorable for Dan. The ‘theme park’s magic’ worked and he became an instant sensation in the park. All thanks to his daughter and a piano that could be found in the park.

Undoubtedly, the most famous theme park in the country is Disney World. Millions of people go there with their kids. Kids love taking photos of their favourite cartoon characters, eating ice cream a trying rides.

Dan Gigliello and his 6-year old daughter Lyla were having fun in Disney World like all other visitors. However, while they were walking around the park, they noticed a piano and  a pianist. They were listening to the music he was playing and as soon as he stopped, Lyla told the man that her father can play the piano too. This led to unexpected performance.

Justin is a  music teacher and he knows how to play the piano. However, he told the man that he is better at signing. Justin thought this episode is over, but Lyla had other plans. She and the pianist made Justin sing.

In the middle of the hall, the pianist and Justin started their performance. With ‘Ave Maria’ Justin amazed all around. This was a life-time experience for him. Many visitors stopped by and enjoyed the performance. Many people took photos and videos of the singer. The days turned out to be quite remarkable for Justin.

Lyla did not hide her happiness. For the local newspapers, she said: “He sang it out loud and almost everyone took a video of him.”

Lauren, Justin’s wife, was also amazed, particularly by the show he prepared. The end of the performance was marked with loud applause. People were amused and loved the show. Justin’s video of his performance was posted on the Internet and thousands of viewers left good comments.

This fame was never expected by Justin. Even though he knows how to sing and play the instruments, he was never even imagining that one day he will become an Internet sensation.

He said to a local publication: “It’s beyond what I ever could have dreamed.”

Disney World turned out to be a magical place for adults as well. Great story from Florida!

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