Heartwarming Story: Respect Your Parents In Their Old Age

An 80-year-old man and his 45-year-old, highly educated son were both seated on the sofa in their home. A bird suddenly landed on their window.

“What is this?” the Father questioned his Son. It’s a crow, the Son retorted. The Father asked his Son “What is this?” for the second time after a short while. “Father, I just told you “It’s a crow,” the Son said. After a short period, the elderly father asked his Son, “What is this?” a third time. When the Son said to his Father with a rebuke at this point, there was a hint of annoyance in his tone. Crow, crow, it’s a crow.After a short while, the Father questioned his Son for the fourth time, “What is this?”

This time, the Son yelled at his Father, “Why do you keep asking me the same question over and over again when I’ve told you so many times ‘IT IS A CROW’. Are you incapable of comprehending this?A little while later, the father returned from his room with an old, ragged diary that he had kept since the birth of his son. He requested his Son to read the page after he turned it. The diary had the following entries when the son read it:

“Today, when my three-year-old son and I were sitting on the couch, a crow was perched on the window. 23 times my son asked me what it was, and each time I told him it was a crow. Every time he asked me the same question over and over again 23 times, I gave him a tender hug. I felt affection for my helpless child rather than irritation at all.When the little boy asked him “What is this?” 23 times, the father answered without flinching. However, when the father asked his son the same question today just four times, the son became agitated and annoyed.

So… If your parents get older, don’t despise them or treat them like a burden; instead, speak to them graciously and treat them with respect. Be respectful of your parents. Say this out loud starting today: “I want to see my parents happy forever. They’ve taken care of me since I was a young child. They have always showered me with their unconditional affection.

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