Raising Children in Today’s World: Finding Solutions that Work

Raising Children Today: Jordan’s Story

Raising children today is challenging with constant opinions from family and strangers online. Jordan Driskell, a 31-year-old father of quintuplets, understands this well. His five children, now 5 years old, are curious and energetic, making it difficult to keep an eye on them in public.

A family enjoying an outing

A Creative Solution

Initially, the family used a 6-seat stroller, but it was cumbersome and the kids disliked it. Jordan found a solution by using leashes designed for children. This allows the quintuplets to explore their surroundings safely while Jordan maintains control. As he says, it’s a “win-win situation for everyone!”

Public Backlash

Jordan shared a video of the family outing to an aquarium, which received over 3 million views and significant backlash. Critics argued, “Children are not animals,” and suggested fewer kids might be a solution. Some advised better training and teaching the risks of wandering off.

Expert Perspectives

Dr. Deborah Gilboa supports using leashes, saying, “If the alternative is not going out at all, leashes are much better.” She notes they are helpful for younger or neurodiverse children. However, by age eight or nine, parents should ideally rely on verbal communication.

Negative comments on social media

Parenting should be free from societal judgment, with decisions based on each family’s unique needs. What do you think about using leashes for children in public? Share your thoughts and discuss with friends and family!

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