The Mystical Gaboon Viper, Master Of Disguise And Deadly Accuracy

Last year, a North Carolina man survived a bite from a gaboon viper, one of the world’s most venomous snakes. The attack required 44 doses of anti-venom, the most ever used by the medical team treating him. Though he lost two fingers, he had no other lasting effects.

Gaboon vipers, native to Africa, are known for their calm nature but can be deadly if they bite. They have the longest fangs of any venomous snake, reaching 2 inches, and can grow over 6 feet long and weigh more than 45 pounds. These vipers camouflage with the forest floor and strike at prey that comes too close.

May be an image of snake and text that says "When I saw this creature, I thought it was merely a toy resembling a walking snake skeleton. As it slowly inched closer, I came to the realization of what it was..."

In a similar incident in Virginia, another man was bitten by his pet gaboon viper. Emergency anti-venom was rushed from local aquariums and zoos. Dr. Natasha Tobarran from the Virginia Poison Center highlighted the difficulty in obtaining anti-venom for non-native species.

While most local snakes are harmless, exotic pets like the gaboon viper pose significant risks. Experts advise against attempting to treat snake bites with traditional methods like tourniquets or cutting the wound. Instead, seek immediate medical attention.

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