Eyelid Bump Treatment

Styes and chalazia usually clear up on their own in a few weeks, but there are ways you can move the process along:

  • Never poke, squeeze, or try to pop a stye or a chalazion. This could cause a more serious problem.
  • Put a warm, damp cloth on your eye several times a day.
  • Massage the swollen area gently to help drain the clogged gland. Remember: gently.
  • Once the bump drains, keep the area clean and keep your hands away from your eyes.
  • Go without eye makeup or contact lenses until the eyelid has healed. (Your contacts may hold bacteria that caused the infection).
  • Clean and disinfect your lenses before using them again, along with any accessories you’ve used.

Milia usually go away on their own. You shouldn’t try to pop or remove them, either. Use exfoliating treatments like salicylic acid to help get rid of dead cells.If you have xanthelasma, your doctor should check your cholesterol levels. They might work with you on dietary changes and give you a medication such as a statin. This may help shrink the xanthelasma, but they won’t go away on their own. Your doctor can remove them by freezing or cutting them, or by using a laser or a chemical. When to See Your Doctor- If you have a large, painful stye or chalazion that doesn’t go away, see an eye doctor. They may prescribe an antibiotic to help clear it up.In severe cases, your doctor can drain the bump and give you antibiotics or a steroid injection to help it heal.If the bump is an unusual color or seems to be changing color or shape, see your doctor right away.If you have a lot of milia or if you’re worried about how they look, your doctor can remove them. Talk to your pediatrician if your baby has milia that don’t go away within 3 months.

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